Pre-Conference Workshops

Monday, January 30



Measuring the Microbiome in IBD: Current Progress & Future Potential for Precision Medicine

Join this interactive deep dive on microbial biomarkers to understand the future of the microbiome in precision medicine in IBD to enable us to better stratify patients and improve therapeutic efficacy to enhance patient care.

Unmissable highlights:

  • Gain insight on how we measure the microbiome and our current understanding of the role of the microbiome in IBD: healthy host-microbiome interactions and how they are dysregulated in IBD, evidence for microbial associations with IBD from cross-sectional human studies (IBD versus healthy, responder versus non-responder), if time: evidence from IBD-relevant preclinical models
  • Understanding microbiome heterogeneity and the potential but also caveats of incorporating microbiome variability into therapeutic or biomarker strategy, progress toward identifying predictive and prognostic biomarkers
  • Discussion of Genentech’s efforts to utilize patient and microbiome data from ph3 trials toward reverse translation and biomarker identification
  • Looking toward the future: microbiome measurements beyond shotgun metagenomic sequencing

Workshop Leader:

Fiona Tamburini, Genentech

Fiona Tamburini



Demonstrating High Quality Standards to improve the Quality of IBD Therapeutic Research

A session gathering biomarker and clinical leads to exclusively discuss the impact of standards in improving clinical trial data validity, achieve consistency across IBD research and highlight the role of standards in enhancing therapeutic efficacy.

Hot topics to be covered:

Verifying the Need for Standardized Data Collection to Advance Precision Medicine in IBD

  • Ensuring consistency in clinical trial data can increase validity of findings and enable cross-study comparisons to identify reasons for failure and success in IBD clinical trials research 
  • Showcasing the importance of global consensus based open standards in IBD research can help to increase confidence in findings and reduce bias in clinical trials and IBD biomarker discoveries and development
  • Discussing how to define and aggregate data so that IBD biomarker data can be submitted to the regulatory authorities for qualification which can facilitate discoveries using different data cohorts to show clinical safety and efficacy

Workshop Leaders:

MicrosoftTeams-image (3)

Dave Evans

Rebecca Baker, CDISC

Rebecca Baker
Standards Developer