DNAnexus & Ovation

DNAnexus enables biomedical organizations to accelerate scientific discovery with the Precision Health Data Cloud. The company provides scientific innovators with the ability to manage, analyze, and collaborate on multi-omic, clinical and real-world data to unlock insights.

Ovation provides life sciences R&D teams with high-value omics data linked to longitudinal clinical data at population scale. Ovation’s data increases the probability of drug discovery success by enabling the identification of biomarkers and therapeutic targets.

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PredictImmune is an innovative biotechnology company developing tools to enable precision medicine and improve quality of life for patients with inflammatory bowel disease (IBD). Our technology is based on over 20 years’ research at the University of Cambridge. Our flagship product, PredictSURE IBD®, is a prognostic test to help guide treatment choice in Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis.  PredictSURE IBD is approved for clinical use in Europe (CE-IVD), and we are working with our US partner KSL Diagnostics to make the test available to IBD patients in the US.


Iterative Health

Iterative Health is pioneering the use of artificial intelligence-based precision medicine in gastroenterology (GI), with the aim of helping to optimize clinical trials investigating treatment of inflammatory bowel disease (IBD). We use advanced machine learning and computer vision to interpret endoscopic images along with other types of data, helping clinicians to better assess patients with potential GI problems. This gives practitioners enhanced capabilities in the detection, annotation, disease scoring and treatment of GI related diseases.


Enveda Biosciences

Enveda Biosciences is inspired to find solutions to the fundamental problem in drug discovery – that 90% of drugs fail to translate into patient use. By combining advances in metabolomics and machine learning, we access highly relevant chemical diversity from nature’s chemistry that is not available in synthetic libraries. We’re harnessing this untapped potential to rapidly deliver new medicines for complex diseases. Enveda’s discovery engine has identified a potent and novel small molecule inhibitor of the NLRP3 inflammasome, and IBD is a strategic area of interest for Enveda. We are identifying patients with IBD and NLRP3 activation using existing biomarkers and leveraging our world-class technology for new metabolomic biomarkers to treat this subset of patients.

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Mobius Care

Mobius Care, is a precision IBD company, leveraging novel image-based biomarkers paired with digital pathology and AI-powered tools to predict patient’s response to IBD therapies and to develop precision therapies. Mobius is a spinoff from Dr. Thaddeus Stappenbeck’s lab at The Cleveland Clinic and aims to transform IBD care and clinical trials. Our digital solution is first-in-class, highly scalable, and can be easily integrated with current standards of care without requiring additional samples from the patients or complex processes. Partner with us to revolutionize IBD care!



Ardigen, a world-leading AI CRO, stands at the forefront of enabling AI transformation for the biotech and pharmaceutical sectors. Our objective is to increase the probability of success in the drug development process. We utilize our advanced platforms and deep expertise to turn vast amounts of data into pivotal, ready-to-use scientific insights. Leveraging our expertise, we also enhance the infrastructure that allows our clients to integrate and utilize these capabilities seamlessly within their organizations.

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Almac Diagnostic Services

Almac Diagnostic Services support global pharma and biotech companies with their biomarker strategies from biomarker discovery through to companion diagnostic partnerships. Almac has clinical and research laboratories in Europe and the USA, alongside strategic partnerships in China, enabling us to support global studies. The services offered fall into three main categories:

  • Genomic Services (Range of Platforms & Technologies, Sample Management, Data Sciences)
  • Clinical Trial Assays (Research Use Assays, Clinical Use Assays, Global Clinical Trial Testing)
  • Companion Diagnostics (CDx Development, CDx Manufacture, CDx Commercialisation)



Geneoscopy develops noninvasive tests to improve the diagnosis, monitoring, and treatment of gastrointestinal diseases. The Company has developed a proprietary method to isolate eukaryotic RNA biomarkers from stool samples. This involves processing the stool sample to isolate human RNA that can be linked to a patient’s genetic features and clinical phenotypes. The platform enables access to a variety of clinically relevant biomarkers, including RNA from gastrointestinal enterocytes, lymphocytes, and stromal tissue. Geneoscopy has been able to further perform cell deconvolution and host-microbiome interaction to inform patient outcomes. This allows for opportunities as standalone tests, companion diagnostics, and/or clinical trials tools.