Partnership Opportunities

Want to Become the Go-To Provider to Aid Drug Developers in their Mission to Enhance Precision Medicine in Inflammatory Bowel Disease?

While the concept of personalized treatment is not a recent innovation, it is recent that advances in multi-omics sequencing, developments in AI/ML and the surge of revolutionary technologies is driving action in this field. Industry experts, with decisive power, are recognizing the need for collaboration as they tackle challenges that you may have the solutions for: AI/Bioinformatics, companion diagnostics, omics, and imaging service providers are fundamental to catalysing development in this field.

The Precision Medicine in Inflammatory Bowel Disease Summit provides a unique opportunity to position your trusted expertise to those at the forefront of development in biotech, pharma and academia and to capitalize on the market share early and demonstrate your ability to support the growth of these therapies.

Why Partner?

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Position Yourself as an Industry Thought Leader: By aligning your brand with our summit, you'll not only position yourself as an undeniable industry authority in the space of IBD, but you'll also captivate the most influential decision-makers. Join us and showcase your expertise on a premier platform while securing your place at the forefront of your field.

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Expand Brand Awareness: Amplify your brand's reach and reputation - this exclusive opportunity allows you to not only increase your brand's visibility but also establish your position in this vital and competitive space. With the gathering of new clients, customers, and businesses, aligning your brand with this summit will propel you into the spotlight.

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Connect and Collaborate with Industry Trailblazers: Engage with a dynamic community of drug developers who are eager to explore effective strategies for initiating the development of cell therapy for autoimmunity. Utilize one-to-one meetings and networking opportunities to forge meaningful connections, cultivating a robust pipeline of potential leaders.

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Harness Market Intelligence: Gain invaluable insights into solutions and services that biopharma companies will be investing in to facilitate the precise approach to the druggable space in the IBD space, Armed with this market intelligence, you can align your offerings, ensuring they meet the evolving needs of the industry.