8:40 am Chair’s Opening Remarks

Bridging the Gap Between Research & Clinical Application of Biomarkers to Meet Patient Need

8:50 am Discussing the Commonalities & Discrepancies Between IBD, Psoriasis & Rheumatoid Arthritis

  • Heath Guay Associate Director - Precision Medecine Immunology, AbbVie


  • Understanding the specific cytokine implications that cause the different autoimmune presentations to better inform drug target developments
  • What can be learnt from findings in psoriasis and RA that may inform our molecular understanding of the pathology underlying IBD?

9:20 am Harnessing Non-Invasive Cross-Sectional Imaging for Clinical Prognostication, Risk Stratification & Real-Time Responsiveness


  • Utilizing cross-sectional imaging to detect bowel damage and fibrosis with potential for early use in clinical trial enrolment
  • Exploring the role of intestinal ultrasound as a non-invasive biomarker of early treatment response and prediction
  • Debating transmural healing as a target for disease modification

9:50 am Talk to be given by our Innovation Partner, Karius

10:00 am Morning Break & Poster Session


Present your research to this expert community to gain feedback, benchmark ideas and foster collaboration!

11:00 am Regulatory Perspectives on Qualification of Biomarkers for Drug Development

  • Mary Thanh Hai Deputy Director - Clinical, US Food & Drug Administration (FDA)


  • Understanding the different ways biomarkers can be utilized in drug development
  • Recognizing the different pathways that a biomarker can be qualified for use in drug development
  • Facilitating collaboration between researchers, industry, and patient advocacy groups to enable development of biomarkers to address areas of unmet need 

11:30 am Roundtable Discussion: Rethinking Patient Evaluation Protocol to Facilitate a Holistic Understanding of IBD & Improve Clinical Trial Design


  • Comparing how patients are evaluated clinically, visually and with biopsy to improve integration of the microscopic, macroscopic and clinical aspects of IBD
  • Highlighting future steps to ensure a harmonious evaluation of patients with IBD
  • Discussing what can be learned from other IMIDs
  • Debating how to improve regulatory acceptance of biomarkers of IBD

12:20 pm Talk to be given by our Innovation Partner, Enveda

12:30 pm Lunch Break

Addressing the Future of Collaborative Databases & AI to Improve the Quality of IBD Research

1:30 pm Forging a Path Towards Next-Generation Discoveries Through Building of a Collaborative Research Infrastructure & Ecosystem

  • Angela Dobes Vice President, IBD Plexus, Crohn's & Colitis Foundation of America


  • Breaking down data sharing barriers to assemble comprehensive, multimodal longitudinal IBD health journeys to address the unmet need in IBD
  • Applying best practices to data standards, models, and analytic methods to facilitate discoveries in IBD
  • Leveraging real world evidence to inform/supplement regulatory decisions

2:00 pm Embracing Machine Learning & AI to Increase Reliability of Endpoint Assessment in IBD

  • Stephen Laroux Scientific Director, Precision Medicine & Immunology, Abbvie


  • Utilizing AI and machine learning to reduce subjectivity and rater variability
  • Using AI for diagnostic image assessments
  • Discovering the role of machine learning in IBD therapeutic monitoring to reduce the reliance on invasive diagnostic tools

2:30 pm Developing Novel IBD Therapeutics Using Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning


  • Utilizing artificial intelligence and computational modelling to identify enzyme based novel drug targets
  • Harnessing artificial intelligence to identify novel biomarkers of IBD to better inform trial design and patient subgroup
  • Leveraging machine learning to improve IBD data analysis

3:00 pm End of Conference Day 2